Slow Food Upstate

Supporting Good, Clean and Fair Food

Snail Blazer 2015 Award Winners

The Snail Blazer Award recipients are institutions and/or individuals residing in the Upstate of SC that:

·       Make outstanding contributions to the sustainable food movement in the Upstate

·       Help to preserve and share local foods and food cultures

·       Defend and advocate policies that promote holistic alternatives to the industrial system

·       Develop leaders in communities who model joy and justice

·       Champion local, culturally significant heritage foods, customs and recipes and bring these experiences into farms, markets, restaurants and homes

·       Teach the next generation how to grow, prepare and share food responsibly; and who connect people to the land and to each other through local projects, educational events, and shared meals

Congratulations to the Slow Food Upstate Snail Blazers 2015 

Chris Sermons - Bio-Way Farm

With special thanks for practicing organic farming, including many sustainable methods such as perma-culture, forest gardens, native plants, solar irrigation, and habitats for beneficial insects. We especially applaud your production of Ark of Taste, and efforts to educate young people through WWOOF-USA, internships, and by your long time presence as an Earth Market Greenville certified producer. Thank you!

Charlotte Anderson - Carolina Honeybees

With special thanks for practicing beekeeping in a sustainable clean manner, and for creating one of the most rare single culture honeys from our region, Sourwood, an Ark of Taste product. Beyond the work of beekeeping and honey making, we applaud your ability and efforts to educate others in sustainable beekeeping practices and for your long time service as an Earth Market Greenville certified producer. Thank you!

Lance Howard and Elian Evans - Clemson Area Food Exchange     

With special thanks to bringing together a cooperative of nearly 30 farms in the Clemson area, and holding to standards of chemical-free products. dedicatedto community, environment, health and education. Thank you!

Alan Scheidhauer and Patrick Wagner-Culinary Institute of the Carolinas  at Greenville Technical College


With special thanks to work that serves students in our region to provide culinary training aligned with sustainable agriculture. We especially applaud efforts to keep tuition at a reasonable cost, while providing excellent leadership with respect to biodiversity, hospitality, and professionalism to the students as well as to the community of the Upstate. Thank you!  Read more about the Sustainable Agriculture program here.

Reece Lyerly - Gardening for Good

Slow Food Upstate recognizes the importance of community gardens and the work Gardening for Good has done to bring communities together to improve the health of our citizens to create a more sustainable and socially just local food system. We applaud the creation of the tool library, the community garden map of over 80 gardens in the Upstate, and the many educational events brought to the community through Greenville Forward’s Progression, Momentum and Challenge series of events which draw awareness to many social issues relating to our community. Thank you!

Generous Garden Project

With special thanks to work focused on partnering with local organizations to teach others how to grow sustainable fresh produce and providing good, clean food to people in need. We applaud the use of sustainable growing techniques and the education offered to the community through classes at the location in Greenville.  The Generous Garden Project is currently led by Andrew Ratchford,  operates the Judson Mills Community Garden, with the mission to " Grow. Give. Teach." With the support of core volunteers, neighbors living in the Judson Mills Community can learn about gardening and glean fresh produce from this garden. Individuals from other areas of the community can also volunteer to help this neighborhood and learn about gardening and sustainability.  After operating an urban farm on Verdin Rd. that partnered with local organizations to deliver fresh produce to clients and to teach them about urban farming and sustainability, the Generous Garden Project is now focusing on improving and expanding the Judson Mills Community Garden, on Hawkins St., and the organization is teaching folks in Greenville to explore the benefits of gardening using organic principles.

Leland Gibson- Gibson Farms

With special thanks for practicing sustainable methods of grass-fed cattle raising and for other sustainable farm practices which include water and stream protection, the use of solar and other sustainable energy methods, and by practicing rotational grazing, always respecting the dignity of animal welfare in all practices. We are grateful for your long time presence as an Earth Market Greenville certified producer. Thank you!

Sally Wills and Dr. Alicia Powers - LiveWell Greenville

With special thanks to working in partnership with many public and private organizations engaging over 100 partners to create policies, systems and environments towards healthy living in the Upstate. We especially applaud bringing healthier food to schools, child care centers, and others, and for creating awareness of local gardens, farms and farmers markets. Thank you!

Rebecca McKinney SCOOL

With special thanks to her work focused on sustainable and organic living, with a special emphasis on strengthening local, healthy food systems as the Academic Program Director, Sustainable Agriculture at Greenville Technical College and as a conference coordinator for SCOOL and Cultivate. Thank you!

Michael Weeks, Dana Darling & Eve King - Roper Mountain Science Center's Living History Farm

With special thanks for promotion of stewardship and wise use of natural and historical resources to explore our cultural heritage and providing new perspectives to thousands of young students every year. We applaud the Living History Farm which demonstrates life in the early 1800’s,teaching the importance of preserving heirloom plants and animals while doing so by exploring these with colonial cooking education through everyday work, special events, and summer camps. Thank you!


Samantha Wallace and staff - edible Upcountry

With special thanks to work focused on promoting, exploring and celebrating the local seasonal food culture of South Carolina, and for making the beautifully written and pictorial publication available at no cost to the public. For bringing awareness to our community of the stories of farmers, chefs, ranchers, artisans, and business owners who grow and create local flavors that define our community. Thank you!


Scott Park -Greenville County Planning

With special thanks to his work with the Food Systems Feasibility Study, the SC Food Policy Council, and for helping to rebuild a more robust Upstate food system together with an extensive list of stakeholders throughout the region. Thank you!

Shawn Jadrnicek - Clemson Student Organic Farm

With special appreciation for aiding the Slow Food on Campus to develop the rare Apple Tree conservation project, and for providing food from the farm to the bi-weekly student dinners. We also applaud the work on campus that combines food waste from Clemson’s cafeterias and wood mulch from local producers to heat water to warm the farm’s greenhouses and for a variety of other purposes. Thank you!











Jac Oliver and Mary Walsh - Swamp Rabbit Café and Grocery

With special thanks to bringing a wide array of local foods to us everyday, for baking from scratch with organic ingredients, and helping us to know our local producers by name. We applaud the efforts of education with the classes that take place regularly on cooking, gardening, and sustainable living, We are grateful for the Ark of Taste recognition on appropriate products in support of biodiversity. Thank you!  see the video by The Greenville News here.

Agnew Hopkins and John Hopkins - Timberock at Hopkins Farm

With special thanks for practicing sustainable methods of organic poultry production raising Ark of Taste breeds American Bronze Turkeys, New Hampshire and Delaware chickens, and many other rare breeds of ducks and guinea fowl. We are grateful for your long time presence as an Earth Market Greenville certified producer. Thank you!

Dr. Bill and Dr. Nancy Walker - Walker Century Farms

With special thanks for practicing sustainable methods of grass-fed cattle raising and breeding programs for Ark of Taste Devon cattle, Tamworth, Mulefoot and Gloucester Old Spot breeds of Ark of Taste swine. We also applaud the Walker Farm Store and Pavilion where the community of Anderson is offered local farm products, and a place to convene as a local food community; for your partnership with Slow Food in educational events, and by your long time presence as an Earth Market Greenville certified producer. Thank you!