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What is an Earth Market?

Earth Markets are part of a worldwide NETWORK of farmers' markets respecting the SLOW FOOD philosophy.

COMMUNITY-run farmer's markets that strengthen local food networks.

Quality food you can TRUST, bought directly from the producers.

Fair prices for both consumers and producers that foster LOCAL ECONOMIES.

Access to good, clean and fair food from the local area to reduce food miles and SHORTEN the FOOD CHAIN.

Consumers become COPRODUCERS, learning from producers and EDUCATIONAL activities.

They preserve the food culture of the local community and contribute to defending BIODIVERSITY.


At an  Earth market,  you will only find producers selling their own products, on farms who make everyday commitments to preserving the earth, the soil, the air and water by their farming practices.

Refusing to use chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, steroids, hormones, and seeds which are genetically modifiedtakes much more effort on their part, and reduces the amount of product they will be able to sell, yet because of their devotion to these age old methods, the farm products are free of any harmful additives to the consumer's health, reducing the risk of cancer and other diseases, and which prevents future risks of diseases by not adding these harmful substances to the water or soil systems.


Meet the  Producers


BioWay FarmA perma-culture farm, produces an array of fresh vegetables and fruit.

Carolina Honeybees:  Charlotte Anderson has delicious honey available, including the Ark of Taste Sourwood honey.

Carolina Honeybees received a grant from Slow Food Upstate in 2014-see what good work your donations are doing here!

Dahl Farm: Mushrooms! 

Forx Farm: Gouda cheese from raw milk. Read the article in edible Upcoutry here.

Gibson Farms:  Winner of the SC Cattleman's Environmental stewardship award, Angus Beef.

Henson Farms: Marietta, SC brings live plants for your kitchen garden. Muscadine, blueberry, blackberry raspberry, asparagus, tomatoes, fig trees, and so much more. 

Timberock at Hopkins Farm John and Agnew Hopkins raise heritage breed and Ark of Taste American Bronze Turkeys and New Hampshire Chickens.  The farm has been in the family for 8 generations. 

The Living History Farm, Roper Mountain Science Center: On location at the RMSC, learn about Colonial farming from the folks at the Living History Farm. Always an educational offering for your children.

Walker Century Farms100% grass fed Red Devon Cattle beef.

 The Slow Food Upstate Welcome Booth will give you information on upcoming events, offer you ideas for cooking with Earth Market products, make available Slow Food USA membership, and has some great food and garden related books for sale.  Our items for sale help keep costs down for our producers and allows us to keep our vendor fees to a minimum.  We also offer Benne Oil and other items relative to the market. Thanks for your support! 

What will you find at an Earth Market?
  • Products are local, seasonal, and produced using sustainable methods
  • Sold at a fair price for both producer and consumer
  • Products are noted for their gastronomic excellence
  • Products are clean, organically produced in natural environments (however not necessarily certified organic due to excessive costs), fertilizers must be mainly manure or other organic types, and soil conservation practiced, and must ensure a low environmental impact
  • No hormones or other stimulants, growth accelerators permitted
  • No phyto-chemical or fixed residues or artificial enhancers
  • Products use NO genetically modified organisms at any stage of production
  • Fresh foods will only be local and seasonal
  • Non-local foods may appear as guests but must be less than 10% of the market
  • Must pass a tasting commission appointed by Slow Food evaluated on gastronomic excellence: complexity, balance, local character

Apply to be a Vendor


Slow Food Upstate Earth Market Application Form












EMAIL  (mandatory)






Company or Organization Name 

Essential Prerequisites-ensuring the principles of the Slow Food Movement and the Earth Markets Project are respected at all times.

FARMING PRACTICES-The products sold at Earth Markets are natural, i.e. obtained using traditional production processes that respect the environment.  The use of Genetically Modified Organisms is prohibited at all stages of production for products at Earth Markets.

SHORT  DESCRIPTION of FARMING PRACTICES:  If you have any special certifications, such as “Organic”, “Animal Welfare Approved” etc. please list those here.



Are any or some of your products on the :

                 Ark of Taste?          yes             no  If yes, which ones?

US Presidia ?          yes             no                                          

More information about these products at:

PRODUCTS: Brief list all products you have grown, raised, harvested, caught, preserved or transformed yourself, and that you would like to sell at the market.  Traders, refiners, and selectors are excluded.   Mark and X by all that apply. (also include a more detailed list).

_Vegetables   _Fruit    _Bread or Baked Products   _Milk   _Cheese or other dairy    _Honey    _Eggs    _Coffee or Tea      _Preserves/Vinegar

Meats:    _Lamb         _Pork          _Beef        _Poultry     _Fish and/or Seafood    _Cured Meats 

At this time we are not able to offer for sale any alcoholic products due to cost of permits, insurance, and regulations.                




§         In conducting the said market, I/we will comply with Title IV of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Section 504 of Title V of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and any applicable South Carolina Laws, including permits by the city, state and DHEC.

§         I guarantee that my product(s) fully conform to the concepts of Slow Food principles of “Good, Clean and Fair” and do not contain GMO’s from any point in their production to the best of my knowledge.     

         Good: fresh and seasonal, healthy, tasty and able to stimulate and satisfy the senses.
         Clean: environmentally sustainable cultivation and production processes, no GM crops, local.
         Fair: accessible prices for consumers and fair compensation and conditions for producers.


§         I guarantee that my products adhere to all rules listed on the web site and  and any discrepancies, no matter how minor, have been discussed with a member of the Slow Food Upstate board.

§         I agree that if approved for the Slow Food Upstate Earth Market, I will make my farm available for a visit by a member of the Slow Food Upstate Board, and will provide a small sample of products, as they are available for an evaluation by the tasting commission of Slow Food Upstate based on gastronomic excellence, complexity, balance and local character.


SIGNED: _____________________________________________________________  DATE:  ____________________________________


PRINT NAME:  ___________________________________________________________


 Please send application to: or FAX 864 233 3864


Please include with your application:

  • Short history of your organization or business, mission, farming practices, population you serve, etc. less than one page.
  • List of all products in detail you wish to offer for sale at the Slow Food Upstate Earth Market. If any of your products require electricity for refrigeration during the opening hours of the market, please state here.
  • Brief description of your production process and how you will be able to educate the public as to your clean farming  practices.  Will you create a brochure?  Will you be able to talk to the public directly?  Would you be willing to conduct a workshop demonstrating some part of your production?

More Information for Vendors:

An Earth Market is created when an interested community - producers, local authorities, citizens, Slow Food chapter and other interested parties such as restaurateurs - come together to establish a new place for consumers and food producers to meet. A management committee, with representation from all these groups, is responsible for selecting the producers, promoting the market, and ensuring the guidelines are followed. They are also required to manage the logistical aspects of the market, and to ensure that the environmental impact is minimized: e.g. with waste reduction, biodegradable consumables, recycling, and energy-saving measures.

Producers must demonstrate their suitability before they are permitted to sell at Earth Markets. The focus is on small-scale farmers and artisan producers, providing them with an important opportunity in which they do not have to compete with large distribution chains. Small-scale production is also favored as it often produces high-quality results. Producers are asked to charge a fair price for their work and pledge fair treatment of their employees.

A key requirement is for vendors to attend the market themselves and to only sell products that they have produced themselves. As producers are meeting directly with customers, they must be open and willing to talk about their product and its qualities, the work involved, and how the prices are justified.

Producers must come from the local region, within a radius specified for each Earth Market to suit the context.

Earth Markets usually include a wide range of fresh produce, preserves, meat and dairy products, eggs, honey, sweets, bread, oil and beverages.
All produce must meet specific quality criteria, reflecting the Slow Food principles of good, clean and fair:

Good: fresh and seasonal, healthy, tasty and able to stimulate and satisfy the senses.
Clean: environmentally sustainable cultivation and production processes, no GM crops, local.
Fair: accessible prices for consumers and fair compensation and conditions for producers.

In addition, the products help to preserve the food culture of the community hosting the market and contribute to defending biodiversity.